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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


You may have noticed that the internet genius ( me) has been at it again! Somehow, because i probably needed the lessons in humility and humiliation, I managed to delete all that new look I worked up and go back to the same ole me. Charming, huh?

the Uht-oh isn't about that, though, it is about my trip to the barn today. Hubster smugly announced that he'd built me a 'sliding tray feeder' so that I no longer have to hoist my well rounded rear over the fence (with a bucket of grain and bunches of aggressively hungry animals pawing on me) to feed. I couldn't wait to check it out. It is nice. They can spread out in a line instead of fighting like a bunch of barmaids. But, number 2 and 9 are looking awful wide for December. Records check, they both came out of our ewe who, when in her younger years on a different farm, had triplets three years in a row. What!!!! The good news is, if they are not due with triplets (this is me asking the milk goddesses not to make me bottle feed little lambs this year) - then they are very far along. LIke, mid January by my unskilled projection. So, this may be a good time for me to convince hubster that his idea of putting our old wood stove in the barn was a genius that I (being a dumb and wanting to be freezing madwoman) could not properly understand before this knowlege was landed on me. It would be perfectly safe, after all, since the barn is merely our first attempt at building our own house - a cordwood with a massive cement chimney going through the center. Ah, that was a grand summer. Living in a travel trailer with three kids, hauling wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load of logs and cement all day, and sweating like pigs...the memories - I waxx with nostalgia - or is it hives, again?