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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

look out, she's falling!

I've been working like a sorely unappreciated dog for days and I have nothing to show you. There, now you can be assured that all is well and normal. I can't explain what has been going through my mangled mind could be that manic dementia I've heard people talking about over the past 3 days. I can only describe it as an overly optimistic attempt to heal the world without looking like I'm trying. It is this weird idea and energy that I get when yucky stuff happens that I can't explain. I will, of course, blame it on Catholic school. You know the routine - be good or terrible things will happen to sweet, fuzzy creatures and YOU will have to live with the blame and shame. So, often when the world seems like a down-right cooky place to be, and I am trapped in my castle (mud season in Maine on a dirt road means you trim those 'trips into anywhere' down to bare essentials) I form this twisted opinion that if I work even harder and do even more it will call to the good stuff and the good stuff will magically conquer the bad.

So, somewhere around Sunday afternoon, I fired up the dye pots. I dyed about 4 pounds of roving. Moved on to about 1 whole Cotswold fleece in at least three different colors. Wait, my arms still work, so I skeined up and dyed about 20+ sks of yarn. Heh! I'm not tired, yet, thunk (this is her falling into bed that night). Would she wake with more sense and self-control Monday? Two more pounds of roving, handpainted, some yarn spinning (three bobbins) and manic knitting (started two more projects) later and, oh, I fell in a mud hole and sunk up to my knee. Had to go back and dig out the boot. Thunk! (Monday night).

Today - I made lunch. Okay, I dyed one batch of wool but then I made myself stop. REally, the knee made me stop. No spinning today. Just limping around trying to console myself with this idea that ya'll are better off now that I've worn myself ragged. Pics when my arms stop twitching and dangling uncooperative at my sides. Now, I'm off to knit. Let's see, there is some light grey cotton and this pattern has been practically woo-ing me so.......