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Monday, May 21, 2007

Do Elves Need Outhouses?

candyI am always amused at the assumptions people make based on their exposure to our family life and its many contradictions - like we're puritans or something. It's funny, really. But, just to clarify that we are neither pure or disciplined in many ways - I give you the question that ever returns - Do elves need outhouses. Now, in all honesty, this dilemma began years ago when we were first farming and I was reading Thing 1 all the Little House on the Prairie books. Miss Ingalls is acute and also very unbiased in reporting many of the seasons, days, and troubles of the life of a drifter. Yet, in all her writings, there is little or no mention of how or where they all went to the bathroom. We're a camping family - we want to know these things. Then, when moving onto the homestead and researching some of the least environmentally destructive methods of collecting human waste - we finally decided they must have used a simple pit privy. Okay, okay, maybe some of you don't think about this stuff - but you might if you were camping or worse - living in exile in the mountains or something. We are doing neither but, still, we wondered. She wrote about all manner of seemingly inappropriate topics, presumably for the sake of depicting the reality of homestead life. What could be more of a reality than needing to go to the bathroom. We are a little weird. Still, when reading and watching the LOR movies - we, again, wondered, where are all these people going to the bathroom? My vote is that elves don't need an outhouse because, surely, in their ancient austerity - they are not so vile as we and need such a place. But, really, we want to know - what do you think?

big pinkSurely, I have gone mad - or maybe just gotten really tired. Maybe it was all that batt making this morning. I originally thought of calling this color "b(insert brand name blonde boobster doll here) fart" but decided, instead, to call it 'candy'. It kinda grew on me after about the third batt. It began as a hot pink merino silk mix that I picked with some merino mohair mix and threw all manner of sari silk and fiery glitz into. I felt better after that - having been unable to play with fiber during rainy last week, I was rather color starved. Can you tell? This stuff is so pink and soft and sparkly and color bitten by flecks of blue, green, yellow, orange, and red easter egg dyed merino that I envisioned some sort of sweater that says, get back! That is, of course, why I am selling it...it is just the kind of thing I would do just to shock the people who think I am so predictable. Sadly, I would do it even if this shade of pink would make me look like an elephant in a cheap tutu.

dragonOver the weekend, hubster was hard at work wooing me. We planned the gardening weekend bonanza (look for me to fall off the planet next weekend) and spent all of Sunday carding batts, working around the farm, and generally not trying to kill each other with icy glares. These are the batts hubster carded. They are a mix of green, blue, purple, and even some brassy olive shade of merino silk mix with some white left in for highlighting. Oh, I almost forgot...I spilled a considerable amount of sari silk and glitz in these as well. Now, I'm off to do my Lemon Drops mix and then I get to forget about Fiber Frolic stuff and start planting before the weeds mock me so!