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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Importance of Knowing When to Panic...

Of course, I am professionally trained in the 'how' dept. You may notice that your village idiot has been doodling around the wide tech world and, consequently, all my comments have been deleted. Rest assured, I read them all. Also, rest assured, it may happen a few more times before I get this figured out - geez! I tried it about six months ago and thought I'd succeeded (the most insulting blow is when you have assumed you were competent for so long - only to have the deceptions revealed in a public way. Alas, I may have to attain more knowledge (urgh) in the tech savvy arena of spam artistes and crappy, hateful people.

Now, off to get the hives ready - the honeybees arrive tomorrow! (One side note) the bottom of one hive was, uh, not full but had way too dang many snakes that must have decided to hibernate in my snug, but empty, beehives. Don't you just love Nature's little 'surprises'.