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Friday, August 31, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation.....

Well, I didn't actually GO on a vacation. This year, when the time came for Things 1,2, and 3 to make the (at least) annual trip down to Acadia Ntl.Park to camp, I promoted hubster to 'dog-on-the-job'. Don't get me wrong, I lurve going to the ocean and camping. We don't take expensive trips but since you can spend two days on the ocean and camp in a park that has shuttle service throughout the park for less than 50.00 - you can't pass it up. Still, this year finds me ridiculously behind on work, school 07-08 planning, canning, gardening, etc. etc. so I figured it was high time the Mr. Mom took a trip and also I liked the idea of being home...alone...all by myself (insert sappy music here cuz I am still a dork - waiting to wake up and be cool one day, I guess). I wasn't all alone, no. Aside from making another addition to the flock of imaginary sheep (note: these sheep don't break fences, get themselves into silly situations, or get in baaing-barking matches with the dog. They don't smell, don't pee or poop, and cost next to nothing to feed.).

Also, the dogs were here. Boy, were they here. Gypsy, our German Shepherd, pledged her heart to hubster long ago. Without him or the things here, she was a basket case. Of course, next to our little Jack Russell, Sage, she was calm as a clam. He woke me three times in the night howling like he was dying only to get me to go upstairs so he could jump on all the things beds and squeal, "see, something is terribly wrong - they're not here". Also, a lamb got out and I couldn't catch her (I positively despise this slippery little ewe - of course she would be the one the things have named and begun to love which may mean I am stuck with her. ugh!) So, she ran around the barn baaing and then running off every time I went down to let her back in. We had such a fun time, her and I.

Still, I felt a little smug when I dyed all this awesome sock and lace yarn on Tuesday. Then, the internet went down. I'd love to tell you what happened but I'd have to lie because I don't know. I just know that we keep calling our provider and getting a multitude of messages saying, 'don't know what the heck's going on, try again'. I felt slightly less smug, not being able to brag about my work right away. Also, I hate myself AND my camera. Together, we lack the ability to photograph the color purple. This pisses me off more than I can describe. Purple! You know, one of my most favorite colors. It always comes out blue! Case in point, ALL of the yarn on the top row in this pic are purple except for the far left skein and the middle skein with red on it. That one is blue in real life. But the rest that LOOK BLUE, they are liars!

I tried direct sun. I tried shade. I tried a voodoo dance in my underwear (just kiddin' but if you can verify that this works I ain't sayin' I won't try it). Still, blue steals purple every time. This pic properly displays the colors of the bottom rows. Did it work to put purple on one of the bottom rows? Uh, guess what genius didn't think of that?

So, Tuesday was allright but I had great hopes for Wednesday. A day all to myself. A day free of guilt because I know I worked darn hard so that everyone else could be having a good time. But, somehow, the combined lack of sleep and the mania I suffered when trying to find dishes after my willing helpers have devised crafty ways to put silverware in the bowls on the shelf and other creative concepts - I spent three hours cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom and muttering in a most disturbing way. Gee, I'm loads of fun, huh?