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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Boardwalk to Baltic Ave. ain't no green zone.

Don't worry about me, I know it is only Saturday. Why on earth I said I would be a Sunday Spinster, when I've yet to ACTUALLY post on a Sunday (details, schmeetails!) - who knows? I'm too impatient to wait until tomorrow and also, with this awful heat (I love it when you combine 90* with at least that in humidity - you really get a sense of what it is like to be an amphibian and practically breath thru your own skin!)and my beloved Common Ground Fair coming in less than 2 wks - there may be some bouts of rage, some fits of insanity, some crying and crawling on all fours screaming, "I hate myself". This is pretty much the norm before any show I'm vending. The first year, I chocked it up to my newbie level of disorganization. The second year, I started to wonder if I'm suffering brain atrophy. This year, I am beginning to see that this is merely my trademark. You know, that 'personality quirk'. I just need to loathe myself, take all my yarns out of their totes and verify that they are all crappy, ugly, and a total disappointment to their master, and then get on with it. Some people sweat, some need extra sleep, me? I apparently need at least three sessions of total annihilation of the self before I'm ready for my big day.

madderOn such a train to nerve-wracking hell as this, the color one needs (according to some of my color therapy books) is orange. Peach if you are beating yourself in the head with a club. It will make you feel warm inside but soft and elegant so you no longer feel the need for such aggression. That's why we have the skein in the middle (on top). This little lovely of 100% silk noil went into the madder bath bright white and came out all soft and fuzzy like. It should have worked but I'm a woman who sometimes cultivates rage and peach (or pink on the wrong day) can make my head spin around and around whilst I chant horrible things. Thing 1 loved it, though, and it made her feel just great so I loved it, then, too. But, I needed the 'deeper' orange. The three skeins under Ms.Peachy-Silk-LuvChild are Cotswold singles. If you are a dyer, you should know Cotswold. You can always count on it to take a color fabulously. Not too loud, not so peachy-soft...just real and a little bit lustrous so you feel like you've gotten away with something totally crazy! I was all too impressed with the lower left skein as well, some superwash sock yarn.

Of course, I've been spinning LOTS more than that but I'm far too hot to take all those skeins out of the three humongous totes I have (so far) so that will have to be another day. You can almost bet it won't be a Sunday. Make a rule, break a rule, that's my motto!

Speaking of betting, I am thrilled to know that a Harvard Professor (so you know it must be TRUE - sarcasm usually follows fits of insanity)is extolling the virtues of poker. I know you think I'm making this up so I had to link it to dispel any assertions that I'm hallucinating as well. I grew up in a 'game' family. I'm trying to pass that on to my own tribe but it is a habit that is hard to form for some (hubster didn't really grow up in a game family). It's funny how my family feuded, battled, and otherwise, yet it was never uncommon for all to sit down and play a friendly (or mean as hell) game at the end of it all. My grandma and Papa were the game leaders. At their house we played everything from dominoes to cards to monopoly. Grandma kicked butt at dominoes, but Papa was downright scary to play monopoly with. His 'trademark' was Boardwalk to Baltic Avenue. The highest and lowest priced properties on the board. Somehow, he always bargained his way into owning both. And when the hotels started going up on them, everyone just folded and gave up the ghost. I find it strangely fitting, though, that the game that law professors are now asking their students to learn is the good ole Texas Hold'em. I don't even remember how to play it - but I remember many, many games around campfires and grandma's kitchen table. Christmas was the best time because we used her pecan pralines as bargaining chips of the highest order. It's a wonder we all still have teeth.