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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

...And the Witch ran away with the spoon

blog 001As you know, cuz, I've rambled on about it for two weeks, now, we are attending a lovely get together with some fun families this evening. There has been costume-making till the wee hours of the morning. There has been farm chaos to remind us that any leisure taken will be swiftly answered by REALITY. And, there has been some wishy washiness on my part in regards to costuming. I really did mean to be a witch. It all seemed so simple. When the invite stated that even adults had to be in costume or risk being dressed in a 'chosen' one by the host - I attached myself to something quick, easy, and totally doable. I mean, I did have a pirate, a gypsy, and a fox to make for things 1,2, and 3. And, while hubster is usually allowed to dress himself - this is the one area where he really needed my help. Busy week...crazy farm....hostile-fence destroying pig...I really needed to knit last night, which is good, because our lovely hostess has stated more than once that she doesn't need me to bring anything. I understand this - because I don't like to burden my guests with bringing things to a party, either. But, ya'll, this taps a deep Southern vein that pours forth generously. It goes totally against my nature to do nothing - to bring nothing - and sit and gluttonize on the hard work of someone so kind.

That's where the knitting comes in because my friend is not yet a knitter (I never, ever give up hope.) but loves handmade things. I needed to make her something quick, something artsy, and something that honors the fact that though we are partying up the Halloween times for the kids, we are both women who honor the tradition of Samhain. So, (brace yourselves, there's a reasonably understandable pattern coming up) a little mermaid tarot/trinket/anything, really, bag was fashioned!

I used single, double, and whatever handspun yarn at about a worsted wgt with a size 6 needle but gauge only matters in so far as how large a bag you want. Here's what I did before I passed out and got those precious three hours of sleep that will hopefully carry me past the punch and torte and render me able to make it till midnight:
1.CO 3 sts (oh, go ahead and just purl every odd row)
2. k all sts
4.k1, m1, knit to last st, k1, m1
6.k1, m1, knit to middle st, k1, m1, knit to last st, k1, m1
Repeat rows 5 and 6 until you have 19 sts on the needle
8. switch to yarn b k1, m1 *k2, k2tog, k2, k1, m1 (twice) rept from * to last st - k1, m1
10. k1, m1, knit 10 sts, k1, m1 (twice) k to last st - k1, m1
12, switch to yarn ck1, m1, *k3, k2 tog, k3, k1,m1 (2 times) repeat from * to end.
14. k1, m1, k3, k1, m1 to end
16. Repeat row 14
From here, work in whatever stitch pattern, color combo you choose until the bag measures 7.5 inches - then make a k1, yo, k2 tog eyelet row, then knit 4 more rows and bind off. Fold your full figured triangle over in half and sew up the side. I crocheted a double stranded chain for the drawstring and threaded it through the eyelets. Did the same but a longer chain for the strap and put some coins, shells, and beads on one side where I attached the strap. A large tassel at the tip is all time allowed for fins but you could get fancier here if you wanted to!

Now, that's better. To end all suspense, hubster is going as Puck (as in Midsummer Night's Dream, puck). He'll draw a name out of the hat tomorrow and the stitch markers will have an owner. Some may say that the time spent on this whole issue is foolish and to them I say - I hope you're having fun some other way cuz life is too short to always be a grown up. Me? I think I'm just starting to understand that concept. A witch was just too safe, too predictable, too much what we Cancerians are always noted for (this noting our dependable, loyal natures, by the way - really irks us and sometimes inspires us to rebel!). So, really, because I know this is all you have to think about - any idea what I'm going as? Kiss my fins! Have a safe and happy time out there, tonight. But, please, don't scare anybody. The world's a scary enough place these days - just go straight to the heart and give them some candy! Bwah ha ha ha!