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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

There will be no post today about yarn, knitting, fiber (unless you count the animal) etc. as your local village doof has missed hearing the news and weather for three days straight and happened to totally miss mention of a freakin' big storm headed our way. Of course, I know that 50+ mile and hour winds and 1-3 inches of rain may not land a punch in the lower gut to everyone - but when your critters are outside, in a barn, and depending on you to protect them - this only means you are out on such a morning as this running about like a freak tightening everything up. Unless you're me, and you woke with a treacherous migraine, shrugged your should-olders and went back to bed, coming out of the fog of sleep to the hubster - rambling on and on in some primitive dialect your fuzzy and caffeine-deprived brain doesn't understand, arms waving, cave-man club on his shoulder, "big....storm....coming". It was the 'holee shite!' wake-up- my most favorite kind! Back when we're all safe and sound or I have some wild tale to tell......