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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Like Swimming In A Toilet

That's just what the last week has been like. Like swimming in a toilet- only the toilet doesn't flush. It's been everything and nothing, really. Silly stuff, car stuff, farm stuff, kid stuff, and, of course, when all these things are going wrong - the partner jumps off the see-saw, sending you plummeting to the ground on your poor ankles.

Every year around this time, I begin to contemplate the Cosmic Fart that is Mercury retrograde. And, c'mon, ya'll - is it just me - or does it seem like the little planet has been in retrograde a bit much, recently? Well, I consulted the various sources of wisdom on the subject that I turn to and found it is not in our imaginations. Indeed, the little angry planet ONLY retrogrades three times a year and for a few weeks (usually) each time. Only, this year, the second one had other 'influences' that made the few weeks before and after pretty much, uh....swimming in the toilet.

This would also be the case with this one - a doozie he's reported to be. Starting on September 24 and finishing with whiplash tails of chaos on October 31. I know! It should be over by the 15th but, due to the extraordinary circumstances and influences, we get it for two weeks more. Snorkeling, anyone?

Now, my particular chart was chock full of all sorts of inspiring and comforting things like: 'family matters may be testy' 'spend some time alone as others will likely not be there when you need them' and, my personal favorite ' your finances will seem to be a disaster' but running a close second is 'a cycle of minor accidents and upsets will happen' (oh, joy, let's bake something yummy and celebrate) and, then, the warning to not let the effects of this situation make you 'feisty'. Are you kidding? I may be beyond feisty. I may be spitting nails if this keeps up for another 3 weeks!

Thank you for attending this rant and enduring my pity party......

Now, for the balance. Yes, the Universe can roll the dice and play hardball with us and I guess it is just the way the ball bounces. This week, we've had some normal troubles - the bearings on the car needing replacement, the equipment playing dirty tricks, the farm schedule being backed up ridiculously due to constant rain and yucky weather, and one of our older ewes just died in the night. I know it happens but, after 12 years of raising animals, I still don't handle it well. I cry, I feel terrible, I despise the Nature that I generally profess to adore, and I question, deeply, whether or not I can handle the pits that farming folks can fall into. It doesn't help that it is very upsetting to the Things as well and so they need to be able to have the support and friendship of their mom while they learn to grieve. We just won't mention how poorly some other people handle it. Really.

So, swimming in the toilet is an accurate depiction of this week EXCEPT for the exceptional people that continue to spread smiles throughout the world and regenerate those of us who are fresh from the day's swimming. Here's where I drop the party banner, take off my fuzzy novelty yarn party hat, and say that people, in general are awesome. This week, to counter the effects of the cosmic fart, I have received emails that made me cry they were so kind, messages here and on ravelry about the fiber, the yarn, the enchanted knoll stuffs if you will, some pics of people's finished projects, and, in general, many hugs, cyber hugs, and friendly gestures. They always mean alot to me but this week they have just been huge. Huge! Thanks and mwah!

I'm not really in a place today to do justice by the Shawl I just finished. She'll block a bit longer and come back tomorrow, when I've had a chance to dry off, remove the toilet smell, and get my feet under me again.