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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Peeking into the Treasure Chest - FO alert!

treasure chest 017There's no doubt about it that things just seem funky, these days. That pretty much calls to the primal spinner/knitter in me and reminds me that, regardless of how it may feel like the world is spinning and so many more people have grim, painful faces - like the smile bandit has cleaned house all over town. What a spinner/knitter needs in this case is a peek into the Treasure Chest.

treasure chest 014The 'Treasure Chest' batts debuted as the September batt for the Happy Hooves Batt Club. The shawl (beware, the recipe is kind of 'broad' and maybe weird, too) was a simple half circle shawl with the Frost Flowers lace pattern on the border. Frost flowers, by the way, really surprised me. I have been looking at it for some time and thinking I'd love to do it but that it looked very complex. Not true! It is a very rhythmic sort of stitch pattern that, despite it's many rows, is really just a series of repeated 4 row sections. I will definitely use it again!

treasure chest 009So, thanks to all of you who shared some laughs, some stories of your own swimming adventures, and the general energy that we knitters seem to share with one another that says, 'dust off, get back up and, as quick as you can manage.....knit something!