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Friday, October 17, 2008

So, the Universe says to the Pollyanna....

In my last post I was clearly insane enough to test the powers that be by continuing to sloth through the muck and mud and try to generally be positive about it all. Hence, I guess the powers that be decided to amp up the volume a bit. Nah, now I think I've got the message.

Don't get me wrong, I know I am very fortunate. I have a great life full of beautiful people and, let's face it, we're all seeming to be slothing our way through the murky days that have been for the last stretch. So, please laugh with me while we hobble through the latest message:

The day before yesterday, I bruised my thigh/hip muscles which, in turn, spurred on a bout of sciatica - that joy of joys wherein I groan and cry as I hobble around half bent over to do everything. And, I have to sit or lay down alot - which I hate because I can't spin and all the other stuff about to follow should indicate to you why I clearly need that spinning therapy. The good news: I can knit, though, and finished one sock and am working on the match pretty steady.

Then, there's the work stuff. Because the Universe has clearly over-estimated my sense of humor, four package have been lost for the hooves this month. All mailed on the same day that the many others were mailed and delivered, and spread out all over the place so that it is totally unclear as to how or why it happened....just for fun and excitement, I guess. I can, with all certainty, attest to the fact that this bit was not funny. Judging from the poor souls who've had to wait another week for their hooves, I think there is agreement. But, I say 'spuh' to the chaos creators because those people, though they were deprived of their rightful batch of wool, have been top notch sweethearts about the whole thing - further proving the part about being fortunate and bleesed to know so many good people/spinners/knitters and fellow slothers.

Then, there's the family stuffs. At our mom and daughter dance class this week, we were supposed to be working on some styles that Thing 1 is very interested in. Clearly, in my hunched state, I will be dancing nothing other than the chair tango but I felt compelled to make sure she didn't miss it on my account so, I sent her with her dad. As it turns out, the schedule was changed and they didn't even work on her styles at all. But, the excitement of the night was that the truck wouldn't start and she got to ride home in a tow truck. Thanks, Universe, for telling me that that battery I bought last week to fix the problem was unnecessary as the problem is, clearly, the starter. I'm sorry that I've missed, again, the funny part.

Other than these types of quirky mishaps, all is well. I am getting better, we're all fine and there is much to be thankful for. I just feel like that crusty person at the party that doesn't laugh at any of the jokes and doesn't seem to be amused. Not because I don't want to - but because I just keep waiting for the funny part.

In light of the chaos that reigns right now, with trying to transport everyone with my telepathic powers instead of the modern aide of a vehible, and the general challenges of getting up, dusting off the knees, and trying again - I will not be announcing the Great Giveaway until the next post - wherein I hope to have no further silliness to report but accept that the chances of that being so are slim.....off to find some funny joke books and maybe listen to some goofy music. Then, go knit something pretty and make myself feel better. Yes, there will be chocolate involved.....ah, found the smile!!

So, how are you?