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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fighting Fire with Fire

bored childOkay, let's see - uhmmmm, when we last left off it was ridiculously cold (as in the double digits with a minus sign in front of them and mayhem in the supermarkets cold). There were a few blissful days of 'normal' Maine cold and then we went right back on to ridiculous again. This dangerous cold is making us all a little like caged animals but it is most disturbing to Thing 3. This, folks, is a picture of a bored little creature who was un-phased by his mother's attempts to make him overwork his brain or involve him in long afternoon activities to distract him from utter boredom. There's only one thing to do - fight fire with fire. On with the ridiculous parade!

harvest 010Now, before you go thinking it's been all insanity around Chez Fartist Asylum, it surely hasn't been. I've managed to turn those singles into these mittens which tickles me to no end. I got to test their warmth this weekend and felt absolutely vindicated in my fibery dorkness when the steering wheel - cold as an ice sculpture - didn't even begin to penetrate the double thickness of this stranded mitten. And the knit couldn't be simpler. A cuff of 1x1 rib switching colors The body of the mitten was just a background color and a main color. Each worked in a k2 BC, k2 MC pattern and changing background colors every 6 rows. Fun, relatively easy, good ole knitting, it was.

monster childYou may notice a bit of turquoise that wasn't in the post linked above for the singles. That little bit of gorgeousness is a divine BFL roving dyed by Ms. Boogie of Spunky Eclectic in her 'tie dye' colorway. It was a splendid spin and knit so I used the remainder to knit up a little headband. Of course, right now you're probably noticing that freaky thing on the left. Ridiculous cold calls for ridiculous behavior. So, after lunch, Thing 3 entertained us all by taking a twisty ties and making himself some freakish fangs and putting on a very convincing monster act that left him rolling under the table (note to self: the fuzz on the child's hat afterward is definitely a sign you should think about sweeping under the table with a little more, ahem, fortitude!)tie dye roving from Spunky Eclectic After we all returned to our chairs and stopped laughing so hard our ribs hurt, I got back to knitting the gorgeous headband of BFL love. It's so soft, so yummy, so lustrous and beautiful and - MINE!

scary childOne more attack from a scary Cluney the Scurge (we're Redwall geeks, doncha know) who came growling around the corner and stood lurking about until I busied him peeling and munching on and, subsequently wearing a big ole orange - juice running down his chin really enhanced the monster/troll effect! happy childAfter that it was his drawing kit and some more growling around the corners of his siblings doors. We all did our best to look intimidated and afraid and he got to giggle for a good hour or more and that left him in this state - a happy child. Formerly a growling child with fangs, now a sweet little cuddle bear.....all in a day's work!