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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fear of Finishing?

The weirdest thing happens to me when coming up on the finish of a project. I used to think it was a morphed form of the dreaded second sock syndrome but, alas, it happens with nearly everything I knit and it seems to be less of a syndrome and more of a temporary sort of lackluster interest that is usually followed up by some real zeal to finish a project.

rolling thunderIt almost never takes as long as it took for me to finally finish off the second foot of these 'Rolling Thunder' socks by Sivia Harding. I could, I suppose, blame it on second sock syndrome but I don't think that would be fair. The truth is, I loved knitting this pattern. The beading proved too much a challenge for car knitting so I had to leave it at home alot - that could also be an excuse at the ready but, well, it really comes to this: I knit the first sock like a fevered demon needing a fix. I ripped also through the beaded portion of the second sock but, once I got to the heel flap, which, by the way, is one of my FAVORITE parts of knitting a sock, I sort of stalled out...for nearly two months. That dramatic of a finish fear strike is not unheard of in bigger projects, but rarely makes its way into my sock knitting. I am positively smitten with the socks, though - knit from my "Mardi Gras" colorway and oober comfy whilst still being all fancy with the red beads. I've already thought of two other colorways I'd love to knit in this pattern so, clearly, it's not the yarn, not the pattern, just this 'thing' that happens when I'm this close (makes a dramatically shrinking gesture with her forefinger and thumb) to finishing. I got down to business the other day and finished these puppies and then proceeded to wear them the following day with much pride - as if I'd forgotten all about the 2 months they spent in hibernation. What is wrong with me?

serpentineFortunately, that stalling fear of finishing was nearly invisible for these wonderful socks. They are the Serpentine Socks I was working on last week. Becky asked in the comments about the yarn I'm using. It's another of my colorways (Lady of the Lake) in a sport wgt merino yarn (love X's 1000). I knit them for a size 9 foot and had plenty of yarn in the 250 yd. ball for both socks to have a long 8 inch cuff plus nearly 2 inches of ribbing. Here, you can see what a dork I am because I have my pants tucked into my socks. I just happened to be having a 'pajama day' which is when I wear comfy stretchy pants that I wouldn't be caught dead out in public in....the socks were so long that I had to pull them over the leg of the pants or you wouldn't be able to see the pattern. I only mention it because some people have expressed concern that for , say, a size 10 women's foot, one skein wouldn't be enough. I had 25 yds. left over so I'm guessing that if one was satisfied with a 6 or 7 inch cuff, that size would still be doable out of one skein. The yarn is awesome quality and I must admit it felt nearly sinful to be able to knit them on size US 4 needles.

They didn't, however, escape the paw print of my fear of finishing. I was just about done with them (just reaching the ribbing) when I put them down for three days and then, as if programmed by aliens to resume, picked them up, madly knit the ribbing and cast them off within the hour. Weird, huh? So, I pull out my trusty list of proposed reasons for why this happened, again:
1. Was it the pattern?
Answer: No Way! I love this pattern. Wendy writes patterns that I truly find a joy to knit - complex enough to be pretty but still simple enough to memorize and knit on the go. It was definitely not the pattern this time, either.
2. The yarn?
Answer: Uh-uh! This is a luxurious Louet base that is springy, lustrous, and a thrill to dye and knit. No way it was the yarn....because it is also one of my favorite colorways. You can find it in stock at the Loopy Ewe.
3. Second Sock Syndrome?
Answer: Can't be. You see, these socks were originally my first attempt at two socks at a time using magic loop. They were born at the Spring Fling but I had only had my Wendy book in my hot little hands one day before leaving for the trip. After my first night in the hotel, in which I perused the book with glee, I knew I would frog the two stockinette feet I'd knit and re-start them as the Serpentine Socks....which I did. So, knit two at a time using magic loop - can't be second sock syndrome.

I guess it just comes down to the bare bones....I've never been very good at finishing anything. Coming up with ideas? Love to! Making ideas happen? A challenge I can really sink my teeth into? Loving, adoring, nearly creepily cherishing my knits and yarn stuffs? I have an almost perverse relationship with them. Do you notice a missing step between idea + making ideas happen + (insert finishing of items here) + cherishing them? pulls ears over eyes and slaps head to desk.....