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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Excuse me, but, where can I find morning?

You know that time of day when you do those things like, waking, dressing, starting the day - that part where the sun rises and the cool of the day begins to retreat to summer sun? Yeah, that part - it starts with an 'm'. I dare not speak its name anymore because I'm trying to sneak up on it, catch it in my light bug net, and put it into a sample jar so I can study it and try to find out how to multiply it. Because, around here, it seems to have become extinct. In fact, the days sort of feel like waking/etc. all happens in 10 mns or less and then it's just run around like a bat out of hell until you are forced to prepare an evening meal which only settles in your starving belly and makes you lethargic until you crawl into your bed, where you last glimpsed the elusive time, and begin grunting and snoring and hoping for a better chance at seeing the dwindling stock of morning the next day.

sandyPart of the problem with the disappearing mornings isn't really a problem at all. In fact, it is like - stupendously good news. In fact, I only mention it here because it has munched away on the dwindling stock of mornings a bit. Huscreature and I are thrilled, though, because we're taking yet another step into our eventual fiber goal and are running a mill which is totally thrilling. Now, we can make some of our batts (not all, the batts are still going to be sticking around so if you're a fan of them, do not worry) into rovings - but make them just like the batts. It's all been great fun but some of the most surprising fun is the random sort of rovings we've been creating on the big ole machine we lovingly call, "Millie". The pic on the top left is a roving we just sort of threw together that we're calling 'Sandy'. It's a bamboo/wool blend and I guess the yarn next to it is kind of an indication as to how excited I was to spin it up - LOL. Ya'll - I'm only going to say this about how beautifully this machine turns the humble fleece into something from out of this spinner's world and that is this "like buttah!". Really.

handspun 008There's been some colorways done, none of which I have a pic of today - we're on day two of gray, wet, dreary weather and I just can't seem to make my camera be my friend....hmmm, would it do well to mention, here, that I usually take my pics in those now missing morning hours for good light? But, here's a pic of some 'Marie Laveau' yarn I spun from said maniacal, crazed, color blending from outta this world sessions on the ole Millie. Like it's complex and wildly magical namesake, it has some of just about every color on a purple background. That glisten is due both to some sparkles AND because I 'spilled' some silk in there. Oops (looks around all innocent like before grinning ear to ear and clapping like a little kid).

gypsy shawlThe funny thing about having a large chunk of your day go missing is that it tends to instill a panic that convinces one, beyond all rational argument against the notion, that one is doing less. You don't really feel lazy because, dang - you're exhausted beyond all belief. But, you do feel like you just don't get much done. Naturally, this sends you on a 'finishing up everything I need to do if it kills me' stretch and then, well, realizing all the neat stuff you ARE doing becomes kind of tough to do. Like, for instance, this shawl that I've been working on. I mean, it's not alot of progress, but that's some knitting there that I didn't really count as 'stuff I've done that I wanted/needed to do'. And the yarn I just showed you is for a lace patterned border on the bottom of the shawl so, clearly, the ole brain is still able to coordinate, set goals, and at least give a meager attempt to achieve them. handspun lovin' 017 Likewise, I made some 3 ply sock yarn from the 'sari' batts and that also didn't get counted. I had a whole dyeing day that I didn't give myself credit for and there are two secret sock projects I'm working fairly steady on as well. And all of this without the help of morning. Should it return, I feel fairly optimistic that I could do even more. But, as it's nearly 4pm and I've managed to do half of my chores and work projects today but have not managed to brush my hair, yet, I am losing hope.

Morning, my love, please come home:)