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Friday, June 05, 2009

My Mannequin and I are 'Together Again'

Well, the 'finish or die' spree that I claimed to be going on in the last post was not a success and I lacked the fortitude to really push the concept to its eventual end. In the end, I am a wimp and also the first to look to a 'plan B' when failure looms apparent. So, plan B was to try to find something I could accomplish. Back in my teaching days, we called these 'success days'. I really, really needed one, too!

I began with what I seem to be able to do in spite of any other looming chaos that spreads across the pages of our days here on the funny farm - spin, of course! This is some corrie/targhee/cotswold/silk blended 'Gold Dust Woman' roving that we made up in the mill last week. It was oober springy and practically spun itself which is good because I had no plan whatsoever. It turned out to be 265 yds of dk wgt sparkly gold bliss. checks off a smiley face on the success day chart....

'Gold Dust Woman' handspunIn addition, I needed a quick, certain, and preferably orgasmic knitting experience. I know, I have high expectations - LOL. About 6 months ago, I promised my dear friend of some 20+ years, "h" that I'd make her a handspun hat. Well...errr, Christmas came and went and I felt like a heel when she sent us the nicest and most thoughtful gift and I sent a card and an IOU. Her birthday is this week and I still had nothing. A few things about H: 1) She loves color and music and happy stuff and 2) she is really hard to buy or make for because she has better taste in those giftie things than I. So, I did what a knitter who needs a success will do - I made something I've already made a few times that was really, really quick. Yes, I do believe I need help because I have knit yet another calorimetry. I can't help it. I love to wear them, love to knit them and what else can be so functional and give you such joy in just over 1/2 skein of handspun yarn?

another calorimetryBrace yourself, Lorraine, I know you've told me how Cookie (my mannequin, not the delightful person) creeps you out. I just can't help it because I haven't washed my hair in two days so there's just nooooo way I'm modeling this thing. Cookie is back. And she's wearing the Calorimetry knit out of 'cabaret' batts - another of the Happy Hooves batt colorways. They've been popping into the shop from time to time and will likely be there next weekend as well. They are, as you can see - a shameless bout of sensual colors like cobalt, green, purple, gold, brown and all with sari silk and sparkles that just make you say (insert inappropriate noises here and, oh boy, this may have to be a private moment) mmmmmmm. Ahem, looks like that covered all the desired outcomes of this knit:)

Yes, Cookie and I have been on timid terms for too long. I mean, I guess I'm small because it really started to turn bad when I caught her and huscreature in the studio in a questionable exchange. He said he was just moving her but, well, it was an odd way to go about it is all I'm saying. There was also the problem with her name. I named her long before I was completely enthralled with Cookie A's work and, for a while, I considered changing her name. We tried a few but they didn't work out and I swear she spit on me once when I tried "Lily" on her for size. It just seemed odd to take Cookie A's classes and such and feel like at any moment I might get nervous and say something dumb like, "I have a head on my desk that has the same name as you". Believe me, I am capable of such horrid goofiness. In the end, though, her name just fit her and with Cookie A. I'll have to take my chances. One doesn't want to go creeping out one's sock knitting guru, you know what I mean?

another calorimetry Really, though, I've missed Cookie the Mannequin. We used to talk. She used to sparkle and smile when she modeled my knits. I've forgiven her her tempting the huscreature - even though he says she still flirts with him from time to time when I'm not in the studio. I gave her back her name and we're on speaking terms...I guess that's a start. In this photo, she's really getting the the photo shoot groove and sporting a necklace of 'carmelita' roving - a blend of our chocolate merino/corriedale X fleeces, some dyed cotswold and crossbred fleeces and a hint of silk. Doesn't she have a seductive gaze? LOL.

Speaking of huscreature, I should go help him load the car for the Fiber Frolic tomorrow. He must be getting tired or something because a JuneBug flying across the living room startled him. In no time, our brave kitty, Boulder, jumped across the room and exhibited masterful hunterly skills to protect his people. What a guy! Hope to see some of you at the Fiber Frolic this weekend!