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Thursday, July 09, 2009

On the Tour

snow moonYou may think I'm posting a blog primarily of pics of my handspun this week just to show off. That is maybe a bit true - LOL because handspun makes even a shy person want to run around the whole neighborhood screaming, "hey, look what I made! Woot!" I set my goal for the Tour de Fleece to spin a skein a day and I am positively smitten that I am two full skeins ahead. Check back in a few days when I'm trying to ship my Sock Summit yarns and getting ready for the greatest sock show on earth and I will likely be deep in the weeds and a few skeins short, if you know what I mean. But, here's the first skein for Saturday - some snow moon batts spun into a squishy 2 ply sport wgt yarn for some quick socks and some happy moon loving sparkle.

Tiny DancerThen, on Sunday, I broke into the shop and snatched these farm-grown 'Tiny Dancer' batts. Oh, they have soooo much in them that it is hard to know where to start - the farm grown merino/cotswold/fine wool crossbreeds? The gold accents and brassy bamboo? The silk? The sparkle? The luxury of a triple card that makes the fiber just jump onto the wheel like you've hardly spun it at all? It was good spinning, I assure you! I made this yarn into a worsted because I want to use it in a yoke on a sweater I'm cooking up in my head.

TdF 004Perhaps, you're thinking I'm in over my eyeballs getting ready for Sock Summit right now and am taking the lazy way out by posting pics of yarn in exchange for actual blog content. Ahem - oh, looky here, some yummy yarn! mashamThis is a skein of David's yummy masham spun into bulky singles. There are two of them, actually, totalling 8 ozs. The extra skein is a bit of insurance for if and when the over my eyeballs part starts to seriously carve away my spinning time - LOL. Insurance spinning, yeah, that's why I was sitting at the wheel that night all deranged and rabid looking just daring anyone to ask me to do anything other than spin. 4 skeins so far! Woot!

Or, maybe you're just wishing I'd stop with the babbling and seriously start pumping out the yarn pr0n. Okay, you asked for it:
2 ply tussah silk in my 'Ursula' colorway - 400 yds fingering wgt

Queen Mermaid
2 ply Queen Mermaid - 1 ply farm raised batts / 1 ply tussah silk both in the Queen Mermaid colorway

And one skein of sport wgt sock yarn in the "Phoenix" colorway

Whhhhooooo! Back to the wheel!