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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Huzzah for the crusty little frozen planet!

Yeah, Pluto! Here on the freak farm we've been sitting on pins and needles (some of us because we are sick in the head and some because we are young, bright, and curious) to find out if poor little pluto was going to be kicked out of the planet club. What a relief to find this morning that they not only let him stay, but they gave him his own harem. This dilemma, complete with scientific politics (wake up, this is supposed to be exciting!), has virtually consumed our table discussions and technology endeavors. Thus, I jumped on the kids' websites with them and we asked ourselves, how OLD are you on another planet? Here's me, all young and fresh on my treasured, frozen, and 2oo yr orbit around the sun little sweetie. And, while we're on the subject, I am tellin' ya right now, I think the whole concept that we could inhabit Mars ain't such a stinking idea after all. Venus and Mercury? Forget it.!

In ... You would be ... years old.
Mercury years 145.34
Venus years 56.90
Earth years 35.00
Mars years 18.61
Jupiter years 2.95
Saturn years 1.19
Uranus years 0.416
Neptune years 0.212
Pluto years 0.141

Clearly, I was a real ass in a former life so I am suffering awful technology kharma at the moment. Fortunately, I've got my trusty little sock to keep be company and, trust me, NO ONE COMES NEAR me when I'm making tight little stitches with metal dpn's. Somtimes it's good to be alone with oneself and think deep, life changing thoughts. Sometimes, it's just good to look like you're one slipped stitch away from eternal madness. Keeps us on our toes.