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Monday, August 28, 2006

Mud on Yo Face

Ahh! A week full of suspence (unfortunate mishaps) and lurking surprises (evil plots against all things small and mysterious has spun me around again. Pluto, devoid of his little harem, has fallen to the status of a eunich, and must find contentment oodling around the big guys, playing nicey while they kick the astral mud in his face. poor little guy.

I haven't made much progess on my cape but, since I am a master at hiding from my committments, I have done lots of other things. Like, some major spinning and dying of single spuns for 'the show' - a mere four weeks away and guess who's picking her nose?

However, maybe I'm looking more fashionable picking said nose in my new socks...yes, I have been making many mean, tight, hateful stitches and I find is suits my personality so, naturally, I immediately started a second pair - in 'deep blue sea'.