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Monday, August 14, 2006

Real tiny stitches

What was I thinking? I have a show in mid-September that I'm making stuff, making yarn, and going crazy over, as well as a sweater to finish, some hats to make so my kiddles won't be too chicken to work or play outside in the fall breeze, and a mermaid sweater to sneak up on Rabbitch with. But, in true fashion of the deleriously mentally departed, I spent all day yesterday dyeing sock yarn - and spent all night and this morning skeining it up and starting a sock. Please excuse the hideous photo of sock, she was under great pressure with a white background and a mean camera that has a most perverse reaction to someone using the flash or taking pictures of anything indoors. Still, though, isn't she cute? Great! Now I think I understand all the silly, cute pics people post with their socks - I've been taken. If only Mrs. Weasley would share her enchanted knitting needles spell, I'd love to move onto another color. I'm fond of the skeins on the right. I've named them 'dragon'. They look like they'll be fun to knit. Wait a minute, I'm not supposed to be playing with these. I made these to sell in my booth. Oh well, I'm sure when the heat is on with knitting sweater/hats/mermaid/show stuff crunch, I'll just do up some more. A few of you have commented or emailed me about these yarns. If you want some, go here. Speaking of Mrs. Weasley, uh, if you're out there and you're thinking of 'gifting' me the spell for enchanted knitting needles, I've changed my request. I think I'd rather have that self-washing dishes thing going on so I can go knit the socks myself. And someone to cook dinner, and a weed-free garden, and free hay, and a pony for thing 1 who is crushed that it might be ANOTHER year before we can afford the setback of a pony and all the dried grass they eat, and a beer. Thanks!