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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Solstice, ya'll!

I thought of doing the 'knit from your stash 2007' thingie but doing that whilst finishing up my holiday knitting kinda got overwhelming. Then, I realized I virtually knit from my stash all the time. Once in a blue moon, when a great deal comes along, i will buy yarn to 'try' the REAL stuff. Other than that, my stash is walking around on four legs, grotesquely pregnant and highly miffed that the hay supply be interrupted even if just long enough to fill the grain drawer. Since I spin most of what I knit, my 'purchases' are, on average, less than one buy per month. Also, I did that buying in one big lot two years ago and am all set with that. So, my rules would be, if I feed it and shear it, I don't owe anyone an explanation. If I buy it, ya'll gotta know it was an essential need. So...I'm in.

Solstice is our holiday. Christmas is the day Dad has off of work so we eat like pigs, open whatever presents have not been begged off of mom yet, and have a beer, or two, or ten...depends on the weather, really. We baked 3 dozen cookies and iced them yesterday, making all kinds of hip-broadening foods today, and after a night of gluttonous pleasure (I'm speaking of food, drink and laughing so don't be gettin' perverted on me on this family holiday), we will head down to the barn to tuck everyone in extra tight, hope for a good year ahead, leave a few cookies for the night fellows and maids, and try to stay awake long enough to change clothes before we crawl into bed, exhausted....just like any other day!

But, after the dust clears, I can take pics of all the stuff I've made so ya'll won't think I'm lazy. Let's see, a sweater for things 1, 2, and 3, socks for thing 3, a new patchwork blanket for all, mittens for all, and....stitch markers with handspun for the older two things. Basically, I've been just hanging out...really, I was never stressed at all.....

Why is everything blurry?