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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Big Mystery

In keeping with my wise grandma's advice (if you can't say anything nice, then just cuss like a sailor and throw something at someone - no, just kiddin' - you know how the saying really goes)I will be brief, vague, and totally try to avoid admitting that this last week has been utter hell and I have reached the point of steamy, mean silence. I'm sure when I start talking again, it will be colorful....

Now, on the Mystery Stole - first of all, please don't tell me how much this pic sucks...believe me, I know. It was the best I could do with the whole 10 or so sewing pins that are not currently in use while I sew a gazzillion pairs of wrap pants this week. Okay, it is Thursday and I've sewn none since last Thursday so, technically speaking, my 'week' is shot but tomorrow is Friday the 13th so I'm thinking maybe time will stop and the world will be all chaos and pea green rainbows and I'll have time to catch up.....I'm so imaginative. BAck to the stole - I am loving this project. I think two things are key to this strange occurrence of me loving knitting lace (really, it hasn't ever happened). One is, Goddess bless the sweet angel that has saved my illiterate self from having to read a chart. Yes, I realize that is a contradiction. I also realize I am too dumb to read a chart without marking it off box by box (hey - how's about you just go ahead and hit me on the head with a rock?). So, the text is really making my otherwise taxed brain sizzle with glee. Second, this woman is a genius. See, for people like myself who are, hmm - how to put it, 'finish-challenged?', this is a perfect project. I mean, had she published the whole whopping pattern right off, I wouldn't have believed there was hope and I'd have had the sense to know my place in remedial knitting realm. But, with the suspense, the mystery, and the blind faith that anything is possible (like, that this could turn out to be over before you know it and all sparkly and pretty and no one will know you cheated on row 89 because you worked it umpteen times and still couldn't figure out your mistake) I trudge on and feel a reasonable sense of accomplishment. Also, the beading is perfect for those of us who need a little sparkle and shine to keep our attention. That is all. I am on clue 2 and pretending that tomorrow is last Tuesday so I can enjoy the pride of having finished clue 1 (only just this morning) for a wee bit.